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Every time new clients come to us, they express the stress that a carpet or flooring transformation causes them, mainly because of the previous bad experiences they’ve had with significant expenses, disorganization, and the amount of time.

Finding the Right Flooring Often Feels Like a Chore
There are too many things in life that require “work” getting new carpet and flooring shouldn’t be one of them. Most people get stuck and delay replacing their floors because they are:

● Unsure which flooring is best for their space
● Visiting every big box store within 20 miles
● Wading through a sea of samples
● Still waiting on someone to come and measure
● Tired of the back-and-forth process

Frustrated with explaining their story to a different sales person every time they visit the same store.

Get The New Floors You Deserve
But Without The Hassle

After being in the carpet and flooring industry for several years, our founder, Joel, knew there had to be a better way to help homeowners update their homes with new flooring. With homeowners in mind, he developed a streamlined process that saves time and eliminates common frustrations so you can enjoy the look and feel of new floors faster.

Eliminate The
Dizzying Cycle Of Floor Shopping

At Diamond Carpet & Flooring Installation
We Know That You Want To Be
A Happy Homeowner.

In order to do that, you need new flooring. The problem is, it takes an enormous amount of time to find what’s right for you, which makes you feel exhausted. There are too many things in life that require “work;” getting new flooring shouldn’t be one of them.

We know what it’s like to spin your wheels on a home improvement project. Which is why we’ve spent 20 years streamlining a simple floor replacement process that saves you time and frustration.

Here’s how it works:
1. Schedule an in-home consultation
2. Select flooring that fits your style and budget
3. Enjoy the look and feel of your new floors
So you can stop spending endless hours going back and forth to all the stores and instead have everything taken care of for you in just one in-home appointment.

Our Process Saves You Time
And Money, We’ll Bring The Samples
To You Or Install What You Already Have


We get detailed measurements and do a complete assessment of the space to determine all potential outcomes – moldings, trim and appliances sometimes are affected by what type of flooring you choose. Our process eliminates 99% of surprises that can sometimes occur during installation.

1-To-1 Service

You know how frustrating it is when you call the 1-800 customer service number and bounce around from one person to the next? We certainly do, which is why we make sure you only have one contact every step of the way.

15-Month Warranty

Most other services come with a 12-month labor warranty. But we believe you deserve to have confidence in your install so we extend that by 3 months. This is in combination with the manufacturer’s warranty behind the flooring materials you choose.

Our Process Saves You Time
And Money, We’ll Bring The Samples
To You Or Install What You Already Have

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