Flooring & Carpet Sales Columbus Ohio

Diamond Carpet & Flooring Installation does just what we say we do – carpet and flooring installation. But before you move into installation, you have to actually decide on what to install!

Luckily, we have you covered for that as well. Our flooring and carpet sales Columbus Ohio feature a wide selection of in-stock options with great customer service and unparalleled convenience.

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Finding the Best Carpet Sales

We specialize in installation and carpet sales Columbus Ohio, guiding all our clients who need to decide what type of carpet they need.

For carpet sales Columbus Ohio, we take into account different factors: the level of traffic that exists in the room, what they want to convey in this space (elegance, comfort, coziness), if they have pets, and the furniture or accessories that the room has.

With our carpet sales Columbus Ohio, we seek that our customers avoid the fatigue of searching for the ideal carpet by going to different stores and visiting different suppliers; instead, we visit their homes and provide them with different options according to their needs and tastes.

We have the best brands with quality and comfort guaranteed. And nothing better than seeing the carpet on your floor to decide if it is what you are looking for and if it looks like you imagine it. Our goal is to give you complete satisfaction!

Exploring Flooring Sales

We know exactly how time-consuming and frustrating it can be when you’re looking for flooring for sale. You’re bouncing around from store to store, trying to compare samples, styles, and prices, and then once you see something you like, you’re told it’s out of stock.

At Diamond Carpet and Flooring Installation, we aim to make this whole process easier for you by bringing the carpet and flooring sales experience straight to the home.

This home service is not limited only to the rooms of the home; in fact, businesses have had the opportunity to enjoy this new way of redesigning interiors in their offices and workspaces, saving time and effort as we take care of everything.

Rather than having to come to us, we’ll come to you with the samples and materials for you to choose from, and you can get a better sense of how it will actually look in your own space, under your space’s lighting. There’s no better way to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase than to see the flooring in your space before you buy it.

Our Variety of Flooring and Carpet Sales Columbus Ohio


We carry a wide selection of high-quality carpets for sale, and our top-end flooring for sale covers every possible need in your home, from bathrooms to kitchens to any other room you have in mind, whether that’s hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring.

We’re proud to carry products from a number of industry-leading manufacturers, such as Coretec, Armstrong, Mohawk, and Shaw Industries, so you can fall back on both our guarantee of quality and theirs.

One of our most popular offerings is our wide selection of LVT flooring and LVP flooring for sale. These trendy and functional vinyl flooring surfaces come in different colors and designs to fit any home aesthetic, are easy to clean and maintain, are waterproof, and have extreme durability, making it a kid and pet-friendly option.

This allows you to give a personality to every room with the same type of flooring, making it look elegant without worrying about constant maintenance or easy damage.

The variety of options we have in carpet sales Columbus Ohio, also suits every need and aesthetic. With a broad range of colors, materials, patterns, and functions, we’re confident our carpet sale options will meet and exceed your needs. And when you find that one carpet for sale that looks perfect for you, know that our products are in stock – we won’t show them if they’re not.

Flooring and Carpet Sales for Home Investors.

Upgrading or renewing the flooring or carpet in a home is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve the sale value of that home. When you’re looking to sell a home and trying to get maximum return on investment, call Diamond Carpet and Flooring Installation.

We can save you both time and money by taking you all the way from flooring sales to installation with a single team. No dealing with sales reps or third parties, we stay with you from start to finish. That consistency is one of the reasons why we’re able to process such quick and quality turnarounds on installation.

Need your flooring done so you can sell quickly? From flooring sales to flooring installation, we can have the process done for you in as little as one week.

We make your flooring sales process affordable as well as easy, with wholesale deals for investors who are looking to flip multiple homes.

Get Started with Your Flooring and Carpet Sales Columbus Ohio Today!


Here, we offer the perfect solution; with our fast, efficient, and low-cost flooring installation service, we can provide you with a functional and quality floor in a very short time. Speed and efficiency are what characterize us at Diamond Flooring Installation.

We make your flooring sales process affordable as well as easy, with wholesale deals for investors who are looking to flip multiple homes.

Stop hassling with the runaround of looking for the best carpet and flooring sales in Columbus – you can just call them to you! No matter what kind of flooring sales or carpet sales Columbus Ohio you may be in the market for, we’re confident we can supply it and install it for you.

Our team of professionals, supported by the best equipment for floor installation, offers instant and quality results. They assist you from the floor selection to the installation and constant floor maintenance.

It’s time to change that old carpet, renew that old floor and turn your home or office room into a space of comfort and elegance.

But don’t just take our word for it – contact us today and find out for yourself!